Air Conditioning FAQs

When Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?
Most air conditioners will need replacing when the AC unit is ten to fifteen years old.
Why is My AC System Leaking Water?
This usually means that the condensation drain line is clogged with mold, dirt, dust, or sludge and needs to be cleaned out. 
Do Split System Air Conditioners Need Servicing?
You should clean both the outside of a split system and the filters inside about once every two weeks for best results. 
What is HVAC?
These are the initials that stand for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, and the system itself moves heated air and cooled air through your home or building. The HVAC also helps control humidity and air purity in these areas. 
When Does Your AC Needs Servicing?
Your Ac needs servicing each Spring and Fall to get it ready for cold weather and to prepare it for non-use in the Winter. 
How Long Will AC Servicing Take?
Generally, this job will take from one to two hours, and perhaps longer if some time has passed since your last servicing appointment. 
How Can I Save Money on My Energy Bills During the Summer?
Close all drapes and curtains during the day to keep out the heat of the sun. Look for any air leaks around your windows and doors, then seal these areas if necessary. Use fans in your home or business to distribute cool air. Clean the filters on your Ac unit. Use a smart thermostat. Use energy-efficient LED light bulbs.